One day I was having a casual conversation with my dear friend Richard (who I have yet to meet in person even after 5+ years) and I mentioned that I had recently dipped my toes into the music industry by starting my own artist management firm, BuGoudi House.

He said, "Oh, my best friend is a song writer, you should meet him!" And so I was virtually introduced to Charlie Mason (who never details how amazing he is, but he has written songs for Disney movies, Miley Cyrus and 90% of Ninthwave's artists ).

In talking to Charlie about my artists he says that if we record some songs he has a good friend who owns a record label that can distribute the songs...and here is how the universe works...

I said "Wow, I would love to own a record label one day!"

A week later Charlie and Richard call me to tell me they have a present for me, after 10 years Dave Richards, the brilliant visionary who founded Ninthwave Records had reached out to Charlie because he was ready to focus less on the business side and more on the music side of the industry.

Dave gifted me with his legacy and while I am not an expert on the genres Ninthwave has traditionally supported ( I am a hip hop 47! ) I have become at least capable in the areas of branding, marketing and understanding royalties.

But that brings me to the other asset included with the Ninthwave catalog, Daniel Donnelly! Daniel is so knowledable about pop music, public relations, networking and keep track of details that he makes up for my shortcomings.

So, thank you for searching us out, and sticking with us, I have every intention of making Ninthwave Records the greatest independent pop label in the industry!

                                                                 ~Amy Goudy


Daniel Donnelly

Charlie Mason

Amy Goudy