Ninthwave Records is an independent record company launched in 2006, as an offshoot of Lexicon Magazine, a tribute to all things 80’s. Think hyper color t-shirts, big hair, even bigger shoulder pads, New Wave music and of course Electropop.

Recently aquired by Amy Goudy as a division of BuGoudi House, Ninthwave continues to look for that something special and new, with an ever increasing number of tracks to take you from the multi-colored dance floors to the newest super-clubs. From Welsh sister act ‘Electrovamp’ (with YouTube sensation Keenan Cahill in tow) to New Wave chameleon ‘Nathalie Archangel’ with her album ‘Raven’ and multi award winning Australian cabaret turned synth popper ‘Kim Smith’ with his debut album ‘Nova’, the label strives to provide diversity in style while still staying true to it's origin.

With a catalog of over 150 albums by acts ranging from Ganymede and Empire State Human, Brandon Lee, NASA and Spray. Songs put out by Ninthwave have been used in video games (such as Dance Dance Revolution) and TV shows (like “True Blood”). Ninthwave’s Heaven 17 single, “Hands Up to Heaven,” even reached No. 6 on Billboard Magazine’s US Club Play Chart.

Ninthwave Records, is proud to be official home and supporter of Moombahton and Moombahcore (a genre of fused house and reggeaton rich with dramatic buildups, a two-step pulse, and quick drum fills). With the release of multiple compilations, singles, remixes and EP's set to continue into the future